Madison River Communications

This Company Is No Longer Active:   Madison River Communications was acquired by CenturyTel.

Madison River Communications was formed to acquire and then integrate and improve the operations of rural, local telephone companies. Since 1998, the company has acquired five rural telephone companies.

Currently, Madison River - headquartered in Mebane, North Carolina - operates telephone companies in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Illinois, and is the nation's 19th largest telephone company. These telephone companies operate as incumbent local exchange carriers and provide voice and data services to residential customers and businesses in the the markets they serve. The companies offer local and long distance voice calling services, high-speed broadband Internet, dial-up Internet, telephone directories, and other communications and entertainment services.

At the close of the second quarter of 2006, Madison River Communications had 238,675 connections in service: 186,595 voice access lines and 52,080 broadband and high-speed data connections.

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