e.spire Communications, Inc.

This Company Is No Longer Active:   After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in March 2001, e.spire continued operating but was ultimately put up for auction in May 2002 by a US Bankruptcy Court. Mark Senda and James Allen, former Brooks Fiber executives, created Xspedius Management Corp. (XMC) and with investments from Thermo Telcom Partners LLC, along with 1818 Fund III LP and Meritage Private Equity Funds, their company beat out DukeNet Communications and CityNet for substantially all of the assets of e.spire Communications. The deal closed on August 30, 2002. XMC combined subsequent acquisitions with the e.spire assets and formally launched Xspedius Communications on April 1, 2003.

e.spire Communications, Inc. is an integrated communications provider offering local and long distance service, Internet access, Web hosting services, and advanced data solutions, such as native ATM and frame relay. In addition, e.spire’s subsidiary, ACSI Network Technologies (NT), provides third parties, including other communications carriers, municipalities, and corporations, with turnkey fiber optic design, construction, and project management expertise. Cybergate, also a subsidiary of e.spire, is an ISP providing Internet access. ValueWeb, a subsidiary of Cybergate, is a provider of Web hosting services.

The Company was founded in 1993, formerly known as American Communication Services, Inc. (ACSI) and originally operated as a competitive access provider (CAP), competing with the incumbent telephone companies by deploying fiber optic cables in cities and selling private line telecommunications services. The passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 provided the framework for the Company to evolve into a CLEC. The Company introduced local, switched-voice services, including local exchange services in 1996. e.spire deployed an integrated communications network consisting of SONET-based, fiber-optic local networks, a coast-to-coast leased broadband data communications network, and local central switching facilities.

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