U4EA Technologies, Inc.

U4EA Technologies is a provider of multi-service business gateways that enable service providers to deploy highly integrated, robust, and easy-to-manage IP communications solutions to SMB and enterprise customers. U4EA’s all-in-one customer premises devices, supported by the company’s QoS (GoS) mechanisms, ensure the secure, reliable and cost-effective delivery of converged VoIP, data and video services. The U4EA Fusion Series also includes next generation network signaling gateways, which enable carriers to interconnect legacy networks and equipment with Next Generation Networks. In addition, U4EA Wireless delivers secure, reliable and easy-to-use solutions for mobility applications in the small and medium business (SMB) market segment.

Founded in 1999, U4EA Technologies is a privately held company that is globally distributed with locations in Fremont, California; Bristol, England; Nice, France; Acton, MA; Bangalore, India; and Cork, Ireland.

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