Cable & Wireless, Inc.

The Cable & Wireless Group is an international alliance of telecommunications companies operating in over 50 countries around the world, providing a complete range of international, domestic and mobile communications. With major operations in Hong Kong, UK, the USA and the Caribbean, Cable & Wireless is the worlds third largest carrier of international traffic and provides mobile communications in 30 countries.

In the UK, Cable & Wireless plc has alliances with NYNEX Cablecomms, and has held talks with NYNEX and others regarding possible U.S. partnerships. To date, the Company has no plans to form such U.S. links.

Cable & Wireless plc has a Memorandum of Understanding with Nortel to develop products and services for C&Ws customers around the world. In the U.S., CWI operates 11 Nortel DMS-250 switching systems in its long distance network.

Cable & Wireless, Inc. (CWI) is the United States largest long distance company exclusively serving businesses; CWI garners an estimated 3% of the U.S. business telecommunications market. Headquartered in Vienna, VA, CWI has more than 100 sales and operations sites throughout the U.S.

CWI offers a complete portfolio of domestic and international voice, data and messaging services via an all digital, fiber optic network that stretches coast-to-coast. The Company provides a high level of customer service and operator assistance on a 24 hour/7 day a week/365 day a year basis.

CWI wants to offer its long distance business customers a combined local and long distance service package. To this end, CWI is already combined local and long distance services in New York City, Connecticut, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the San Jose/Silicon Valley area. CWI has received authorization to provide combined local and long distance service in Maryland, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Georgia and Pennsylvania, and has pending applications in Wisconsin and Ohio.

In Connecticut, CWI provides local service via resale of Southern New England Telephone’s (SNET) services; CWI has a similar resale agreement for Pacific Bell’s network services within Pacific Bells operating territory in California.

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