C1 Communications

This Company Is No Longer Active:   In October 2000, C1 Communications and Wispra Networks, Inc., a joint venture between Wispra Inc., TD Capital Group and XO Communications, Inc., announced the signing of a letter of intent in which C1 and Wispra Networks would combine to create a full service voice, data, and Internet communications company serving Canada's top 12 markets, operating as XO Communications Canada Inc. GT Group Telecom acquired the Company‚Äôs Atlantic operations in April 2001.

C1 is an integrated communications provider (ICP), based in Mississauga, Ontario, offering local, long distance, Internet access, and DSL to businesses in major cities throughout Canada.

C1 began operations in 1995 as a division of Fundy Communications. Fundy originally provided cable TV and ISP services for residential customers, and later began the division that is now C1 Communications, which targeted wholesale private lines and business services for businesses in eastern Canada. In April 1999, Shaw Communications purchased the cable and ISP residential service and the Fundy Communications name in a deal that closed in October of 1999, for $460 million. C1 was then founded, carrying on the private line and business services previously offered through Fundy. C1 had a base in five eastern Canadian cities and quickly began its expansion of services and footprint. C1 retained half of the cable fiber from Fundy in a 20-year IRU, which amounts to approximately 2,000 inter-city and intra-city miles.

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