Zephion Network Communications, Inc.

Formed in January 2001, Zephion Network Communications, Inc., which was formerly known as Domino Networks, went out of business on May 31, 2001; Zephion employed 350 people at the time of its closure. The company began when financially-strapped broadband local exchange carrier BroadBand Office, Inc., which was backed by venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, spun off operations into Domino Networks in January 2001. At its closure, Zephion had only 10 paying customers. BroadBand Office itself filed for bankruptcy on May 9, 2001, laying off some 400 people.

The company began with the promise of providing a private Internet backbone for commercial customers. Its network included over 30 hubs across the U.S. and the following equipment: Juniper Networks; M10 and M20 routers, some voice-over-IP equipment from Sonus Networks, Cisco 7513 routers,  Redback Networks’ subscriber management service devices for DSL aggregation, equipment from Advanced Switching Communications and Extreme Networks.

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