P.V. Telecommunications, L.L.C.

This Company Is No Longer Active:   PV Telecom was acquired by Avana Communications in February 2000.

P.V. Telecommunications, L.L.C. is a facilities-based CLEC and local reseller headquartered in Kingsport, Tennessee. As well as providing voice services to large and small businesses in Tennesee, South Carolina, and Georgia, the Company provides telecommunications analysis by looking at all equipment, computer interfaces, long-distance access lines, leased lines and local access lines with an objective to decrease costs and increase efficiency. P.V. Telecom is also a complete end-to-end telecom provisioner that can order circuits for Internet providers, equipment vendors, small IXCs, agents, resellers, and business users. The Company is also a reseller of long distance services throughout the Southeast.

P.V. Telecommunications has deployed a Harris 20/20 switch, which is capable of all Class 4 and Class 5 operations in Johnson City, Tennesse. The Company intends to deploy an additional switch in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and then continue to build its network throughout the Southeast.

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