Miles Communications Corp.

Miles Communications Corporation is the facilities-based CLEC affiliate of incumbent operator Sunman Telecommunications Corporation. Miles provides competitive voice, video, data and cellular service in Batesville, Brookville and Greensburg in southeastern Indiana. These markets are adjacent to Sunman's ILEC territory, Sunman, IN. Miles and Sunman file separately with the FCC, though they operate as an integrated entity with the same management team under the name Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation.

As an integrated entity, Miles provides the same services as Sunman Telecommunications. Miles' voice service includes circuit-based local and long distance voice and VoIP. Miles also resells cellular service through wireless reseller Telispire. Video services include analog and digital cable, as well as IPTV. Data services include dial-up, DSL and fiber-based broadband. Miles also provides supplementary services, such as web hosting and security systems. Miles Communications serves business and residential customers.

Miles Communications delivers its services over copper, coaxial cable and fiber. The company has installed fiber in its Greensburg and several neighborhoods in Batesvilles. In April 2009, Miles began replacing its copper and coax cable in Batesville with a fiber-to-the-premise network.

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