Fairfield Communications, Inc.

Fairfield Communications is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chester Telephone Company; both the subsidiary and its parent are based in Chester, SC, midway between Columbia, SC, and Charlotte, NC. Fairfield Communications was formed in 1979 as Winnsboro Cablevision, Inc. It adopted the Fairfield name in 2002 and currently does business as TruVista Communications. In 2003 the company was certified to provide local exchange and exchange access service to the Winnsboro exchange (25 miles south of Chester, about halfway to Columbia), including Ridgeway, via interconnection with that area’s ILEC, Verizon South. In January 2007 the South Carolina PSC granted Fairfield’s request to extend service to the Camden exchange (30 miles southeast of Winnsboro), including Bethune further east, via interconnection with Bellsouth (now AT&T).

The company offers residential and business POTS lines, calling features, and PBX trunks.

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